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In Baroque still life painting, the expressive quality of wilting flowers conveys the finite nature of everything earthly.

A series of rubber vases that represent
this concept for the context of the modern
household, acknowledging both beauty
and transience of life.

The process utilises 3D printing, rubber rotation casting and freehand modelling to produce a flowing, matte surface overlaid with a sparkling pattern of jewel-like dots.
Symbol of both beauty and youth, the ephemerality of flowers are a reminder of the brevity of life
and the inevitability of death.

This series of rubber vases aspire to acknowledge
both the beauty and the transience of life.

The colour and shape of each vase are inspired by
the transformation process undertaken by a bouquet
of flowers developed in collaboration with
Marsano in Berlin. 

Birgit Severin
A Berlin based design Studio, run by the
German-French duo Birgit Severin and
Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo.

They stand for a conceptual, aesthetic and
material-research driven design approach,
aiming to bridge between craft, industry,
object and user.

Believing in the value of concepts, their work
investigates how objects acquire meaning
by being part of personal narratives and
exploring themes of transformation,
identification and belonging.
A silver mirrored table Cathedral glass, 
result of a reflection on the interrelations
between techniques and creation.

Rather than creating clear images looking, 
the glass turns its reflections into
fleeting impressions.
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