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Her research explores the concept of identity
meant as origin, place of belonging,
expressed through photography
and sculptural installation.

The artist immortalizes sculptures
made with elements found on the street,
in a process of territorial appropriation
that allows her to create a deeper bond
with the places where she lives.

in her works, sculpture and photography
merge, becoming indispensable
to each other, in a set of levels that are
not always distinguishable.
Vittoria Mazzonis
Vittoria is an emerging artist, specialized in visual art.

She studied at the NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts) in Milan
and the IUAV (University Institute of Architecture) in Venice.

She has worked as an assistant gallery, later winning a residency
at the Bevilacqua La Masa and taking part in many
group exhibitions, fairs and also a solo exhibition
at Palazzo Galeano, in Lodi.
1. Fenice.jpg
The title takes up a text by the anthropologist
Philippe Descola in which he proposes
to deconstruct the separation between
culture and nature, a concept that reflects
what underlies all of Vittoria's work:
identity and its construction.

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