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Nicola Magrin
Born in Milan, he graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts
and took part in an artistic residency in New York.

He boasts a vast exhibition activity in various galleries, which has allowed him
to build collaborations as a cover artist and illustrator for Einaudi
and other important publishers, up to the recent release of
his first book as a complete author.
MAGRIN 1.jpg
“It is as if I were a well into which I throw a bucket
to draw fresh water and that water is the images
I carry within me, which want to come out
and come to life in my works”.
After creating watercolors that could embellish
the words of writers, he strongly felt the desire
to tell a part of his journey.

A journey that starts from his house in Alta Valmalenco, where he spends the summer time, and he starts to
thanks that Nature, made up of large spaces,
long paths, few people and contemplation,
which appears in his paintings as a silent mother, omnipresent in his growth as a man, as an artist.
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