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Henri Dejeant
Founder of his design studio "Nonage", 
he claims a process diversion and recovery of
recycled materials with a strong environmental concern.

Nonage is also (as its name suggests) ageless furniture,
which is supposed to move through the time without
being affected by fashion and trends.
Henri Dejant.jpg
In Morocco the designer was inspired by the different
artisanal means of transforming matter and his goal was
to make objects in a specific material: since he discovered
the possibilities offered by the paper, he's never stopped
looking for a way to make it resistant and aestethic.

Henri Dejeant developed the "Molding Pulp"
which is a bioplastic mix made from recycled paper,
vegetable flour and plaster of Paris.

The result is a molded, polished and waxed eco-friendly
material that has a smooth appearance and a
surprising softness to the touch.
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