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Silvia Beccaria
Silvia Beccaria lives and works in Turin, she is a visual artist who expresses her art through manual weaving.

Silvia's artistic project comes to life from the sense of the art of interweaving, which contains, in its deepest meaning, the concept of writing and storytelling.

Her works are intimate reflections on the passing of time, fragments of childhood,
of places, of love and of lived experiences that accompany us along the path
of our existance.
Weaving is the art of composing a plot as one does with a pen on a sheet of paper.

The wefts are her colours and brushes, she "paints" with materials that she transforms into intertwining filaments.

Silvia's universe consists in different materials entanglements, through which she sheds lights
on the complicated and mysterious weave of experiences, encounters and relationships
that make up our identity.

The places of memory, the enchantment of nature,
the visible and the invisible, the connection
between weaving and writing, the reflections
on the fleeting nature of life become part of
her stories created thread by thread to give
life to sculptures and installations that
emerge from the canvas.

A project by Silvia Beccaria and Chen Li Studio
about their common experience of life as artists.

Including six works where transparent threads welcomes great authors' thought about art and creativity.

Each piece is reviewed by the amazing sign and writing
of Chen Li and the recomposed by Silvia Beccaria's
unique weavings.

Each work is built on a process of decomposition into fragments, looking for a union of stories, weaving of thoughts, sequences of full and empty, agreements
and disagreements, harmonies and disharmonies,
moments to be ordered and disordered,
like life itself.

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