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Luisa Raffaelli
Luisa Raffaelli was born in Turin, where she focused on artistic studies, graduating in Architecture.

At the end of the 90s she started with her passion 
in the world of photography, merged in installations together with elements of various kinds.

Later on she left 'pure' photography to elaborate digital virtual sets with a red-haired 'narrative' female figure at the center of the work,
usually placed in contexts of uncertainty,
instability, discomfort.
Her works are represented as a sort of imaginary 'frames' of racing, of crossing urban environments, often cramped and overloaded with objects, or "non-places" in which the protagonist is
evidently out of place.

The artist has also explored nature and
- completely changing register -
she has also created works that investigate the relationship between art and architecture.

Her teaching activity is also really important,
which led her to conduct seminars with students of the Faculty of Architecture in Turin.
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