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The fusion of refined tradition and modern design handmade in Japan.

The Düsseldorf label has its roots in Arimatsu (Japan)
where the Murase family has cultivated their knowledge
of hand-made fabrics for more than 100 years.
Now, in the fourth generation,
the oldest son Hiroyuki Murase
has combined
his design education with his family craft
to create "Suzusan" haute couture lighting and accessories.
Shibori is a centuries-old traditional Japanese textile finishing technique which refers to the treatment of fabrics
before the dyeing process.

Certain parts of the textile's surface are folded in,
tied off or taken in, so this kind of manipulation of
the material leads to unique patterns and textures.

When treated with the Shibori technique and
heated under steam, the chemically-produced textiles
result in a permanent three-dimensional surface.

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