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Birgit Severin


Based in Berlin, Studio Birgit Severin stands for a conceptual, aesthetic and material-research driven design approach, aiming to bridge between craft, industry, object and user. Believing in the value of concepts, their work investigates how objects acquire meaning by being part of personal narratives, and exploring themes of transformation, identification and belonging.


  • Oval Silver Mirror
  • Silver mirrored table cathedral glass
  • Size: 126 x 80 cm


A small amount of hot liquid glass is poured onto an iron table and flattened, forming a natural oval shape with a soft rounded edge, revealing its production technique. By applying a reflective silver coat the glass is then turned into a mirror. Rather than creating clear images Looking Glass turns its reflections into fleeting impressions.

Birgit Severin - Oval Silver Mirror

SKU: 028
€ 2.500,00Prezzo
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